Kayaking the Texas Coast (Volume 18) (Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

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Kayaking the Texas Coast is your must-have guidebook to the coastline and bays of the Lone Star State. Many miles of sea kayaking adventure are described, along with maps and discussion of the natural world encountered along the way. My copy will be riding in car and kayak with me. I look forward to seeing with my own eyes what the author has described and mapped.”–Natalie Wiest, director, Galveston Bay Information Center and Library Director — Natalie Wiest

“John Whorff’s book, Kayaking the Texas Coast, is a must have for anyone interested in exploring Texas’ coastline by kayak. Logistical details, points of interest, historical accounts, and ecological services are featured in this easy to read and use resource. Not only does the book heighten awareness of the coast’s phenomenal ecological diversity, but also helps paddlers plan trips for maximum fun and safety!”—Gina Donovan, author of Neches River User Guide

— Gina Donovan, author of Neches River User Guide

“. . . ‘Kayaking the Texas Coast’ is a must-have for any Texas kayaker ready to spread his or her wings and explore more of the Texas Coast. . . from Galveston Bay to Padre Island. . . spot-on in his descriptions, maps and advice. . . simple to use and easy to read. . . adding. . . expertise and insight on the diverse wildlife we are so lucky to have on the Texas coast. Excellent color wildlife photos are enough in themselves to make this a great coffee table book for anyone who loves wildlife. It’s just about impossible to read this book and not start planning a kayak trip.” – David Bean, Galveston Daily News — David Bean ― Galveston Daily News Published On: 2011-05-29

About the Author

JOHN WHORFF has been paddling kayaks since 1971 and kayaking the Texas coast since 1988. A specialist in optometric glaucoma with an opthalmology group based in Tyler, he has written for Sea Kayaker magazine and lives in Winnsboro, Texas.



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