Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879: The Story of the Captivity and Life of a Texan Among the Indians

We all love a good western, and what could be more classic than a story of a young man captured by the Apache and adopted as one of their own? Herman Lehmann’s Nine Years Among the Indians is just such a tale, and it’s all the more fascinating because it’s true.

Lehmann was just a teenager when he was taken captive by the Apache, but he quickly adapted to life with his new tribe. He learned to be a warrior and fought alongside the Apache against their enemies. But when he killed an Apache medicine man in self-defense, he knew it was time to move on.

He found refuge with the Comanches, another Native American tribe, but eventually he was returned to his family against his will. The final chapters of the book detail his struggles to readjust to life among the white settlers.

This is an incredible story, told in Lehmann’s own words, of his years living with two different Native American tribes. It’s a rare and fascinating glimpse into a world that most of us know nothing about. If you’re a fan of westerns or history, this is a book you won’t want to miss.

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