Texas: What’s So Great About This State? (Arcadia Kids)

Texas: What’s So Great About This State? is a colorful, easy-to-read book that tells kids all about the great state of Texas. Written in an engaging, conversational style, this book is packed with interesting facts and full-color images of landmarks and geography. kids will love learning about the Lone Star State, and parents and grandparents will appreciate the educational value of this fun book.

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Kate Boehm Jerome loves to write educational books for kids! Her award-winning programs are avidly read by thousands of young people in homes and schools throughout the United States. Jerome has spent an entire career developing educational programs for kids. After spending 15 years in educational publishing, she made the leap to full-time writing in 2001. Since then, her unique perspectives and original voice have inspired her to create and direct hundreds of children’s books in many different series. Jerome’s books have earned Teacher’s Choice and Children’s Book Council awards, and her new series that is currently launching “Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know” (Arcadia, 2010) is already receiving kudos from the very people who often inspire her the most–the mommy bloggers! Kate is an active volunteer in her local school district and is a member of various Boards and organizations that promote both child and adult literacy–and, in particular, science literacy.
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